Construction & Contracting


Construction & Contracting:

Turn-Key construction projects are the main profession of the DEMİRER group. Trough the advanced production technologies and the 55 years experience, technical reliability, quality and swift are the highlights of our construction principles. Please see the list and the details of the projects of the group.

Technical Planning Services:

The internal technical office of the group separately gives technical and architectural services abroad. These construction related technical services include,

  • Architectural planning,
  • Static Calculations,
  • Mechanical planning,
  • Planning of Electrifications,
  • Town Planning & Landscape Design

The architectural, mechanical and electrical planning are made intern or in contact with our partners, due to the type and/or dimensions of the technical specifications of the related projects.

Consulting & Controlling Services:

We separately consult to the firms and other institutions in their constructions, about following headlines:

  • Ensuring the required technical planning
  • Determining and selecting the appropriate construction firms
  • Determining and selecting the proper technical material
  • Production controlling (technical, quality, timetable) from start to the Turn-Key phase.